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Hiya. I wish I could import people from Mumbai out here… work people. It would make life so much easier, better and fun. I don’t blog about work but these days its getting to me. A new conflict everyday.

There are many thoughts rushing to my mind… best way to organize them is through bullet points:
  • I am an aggressive person by nature… my job also does not allow me to be anything else. Begin a woman means I cannot be soft with people… it is either misconstrued as weakness or flirting. No kidding. Instead of mellowing me down, the aggressiveness spills into my personal life. It has its own pros and cons.
  • In Mumbai, I hated working after 8 pm… never did. I just wanted to come back home and do my own thing. Now, I don’t mind so much. If there is something important, I do open my laptop at home. I guess I am less irritated and impatient now that KC is around. Having someone to talk to or just be with makes a world of a difference. Staying alone ain’t much fun. But I could not admit that to myself in Mumbai… it would have made me weaker. And when things are not in my control, why wallow about them?
  • There is a major difference between people in Mumbai and out here. In Mumbai, you wake up to run…. from morning to night… thats the life. Someone who refuses to run will not survive a day… whether he/she is from Mumbai or not. Everyone is running… either ahead or with you or behind you. Not so in Delhi. People are born and brought up here… there are not too many outsiders… everyone stays with families… generations of them… it is all about taking it slow… working at your own pace. For a person like me who did not take it slow even in Kolkata, it is not a very comfy place. I am running… and I need to get people to run with me… the only way I can… through aggressiveness.
  • Thats how conflicts come in… I want to reach the goal … people can either work towards it with me or I will drag them along… but I refuse to let them drag me down. Its complicated.
  • Thankfully, I come home and everything is easier to handle. I go for Jazz for 1.5 hours and suddenly life seems much better. It can’t be that bad if I can spare 3 hours per week to do my own thing after work. How many people can boast of that?

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  1. It is fantastic that you do jazz. SUCH A GOOD STRESS BUSTER.

    NCR is laid back and then in the last minute everybody rushes and curses.
    I got used to that in the 5 years of having worked in that region

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