Confessions of a Listmaniac

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This is the 2nd book my Meenakshi… you can read her blog on my blog roll- eM. I found the first book ok, it surprised me that she writes chick lit. I was expecting something intellectual. I shied away from picking the 2nd book since it was stocked in the kids section. But… chick lits can lighten the mood, provide the break between the heavy reading and I was more than happy to order it from the library.

The book is humorous… about a teenager Layla. It is not very different from any Hollywood chick lit flick. I managed to finish it in 1-2 days.
Not bad.

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Listmaniac

  1. I wasn’t very impressed by her first book. Kind of felt it was pointless. But it sold well, so thats what matters! I wanted to read Confessions…. but couldnt lay my hand on it during my last India visit.
    I started blogging after I had Mimi and quit my job. It gave me a fantastic outlet to my emotions which I otherwise found difficult to express.

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