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I travelled to Pune yesterday by bus. I got onto a bus after almost a year and had forgotten how pleasant the journey can be. There was also the fear which made me realize I have entered a comfort zone. The thought of getting out of the cocoon is so tiring that I have stopped making efforts. I love to travel…. entering a new terrain gladdens my heart… whether it is the ghats near Lonavala or the stone houses at Saurashtra or dry land at Kutch… it is a new experience with new possibilities. Bus journeys have the maximum scope for imagination. Another great part is that travelling cuts me off from people… there cannot be long conversations on the phone (atleast not throughout the journey). All I can do is read and listen to music. I get the “Me” time. And since there are no distractions the thoughts come unbidden.

I wondered why I have not taken my car and driven to Lonavala. It would be extremely refreshing.
Through FB I realized an old friend is in Pune. I wondered if I should give him a call. We did not part on good terms. On reaching Pune I decided to throw caution to the winds and made the call (God bless FB… anyone contact is available there). He didn’t answer. “Oh well!!! What would I have said anyway.”; I thought. But he called back and sounded happy to hear from me. The meeting in Pune stretched till 7 pm and there was no time to meet up which was disappointing. There are some people we can call even after 10 years of not staying in touch. I have quite a few such friends.
On the journey I thought about my “happy places”… places in my mind/memories where I turn when life gets too much:
  • My bed at home. I dream of going home and sleeping on that bed. Everytime an opportunity to go home comes I somehow shirk it. If things didn’t go well there, the happy place will not give me happy thoughts. I am just keeping the door open.
  • Taking walks at Manipal. You never knew where it would take you. Every path (even the well trodden one) managed to surprise me. The best place was “the hillside”.
  • My trip to Corbett. I had the best time with Abhinav and Dhruv – specially our all night talking and drinking.
  • My trip to Bangkok- again with Abhinav and Dhruv. Those were good times and I am lucky to have such friends.
  • The time with RT and Appu at CCD in Manipal…. dinners of paratha and khichdi at Sheela (did I get the name right?) with them
  • Bike rides with KC when we started dating… I wish I had a bike instead of the car and he would still take me around everywhere

And this is probably the most “open”, “frank” post of 2009. Savour it…

The reason I have not been writing anything with “substance” is I am so distracted I don’t have a heart to heart with myself. I need to travel more… much much much more.

3 thoughts on “Comfort Zone

  1. madam this is 2010!!
    evn i dnt remember the exact name but yeah maybe it was sheela!!!
    bus journey can be a gud thought journey but its a damn tiring one!

  2. @ RT: Lol… sorry… I forgot which year I am living in. Well, everything is tiring.. as long as it is enjoyable also

    @ Sundeep: Yeah… it is not yet a metro and not a tier 2 city… somewhere in between…

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