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A super quick post before I rush for my meeting. What is your comfort food? The one food that warms you up, reminds you of home and childhood, wraps it’s soft arms around you and makes everything ok? The one food item which you crave for when life is down in the dumps?

For me it is rice. Rice has been my staple diet since I was a kid. I love the process of mixing my favourite sabji or daal with rice, making small mounds of them and letting them melt in my mouth. Unlike roti, where you can taste the sabji and roti separately, eating rice demands that there is a complete union of sabji/daal and rice. It’s like two people having perfect sex. They have to feel like one in the union.

These days I don’t eat rice for dinner and savour every bite at lunch. And I love eating rice with sabji instead of daal. When am eating out, I always use a spoon. Home is where I can eat rice with my hands and unabashedly lick each grain off my fingers.

When I order chicken biryani, KC will look at me and laugh. Because that is what I order the most. It isn’t the chicken I like. Sometimes, I barely eat the chicken. I love the spicy gravy with the rice. Yum.

Between the most exotic dessert and rice with sev tamatar sabji, am always going to pick the latter. Always.

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