Cold War

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Last night DK, his wife, KC and I went to Manhattan to watch ‘Backbenchers’. I had tweeted to Sahil Shah, Sapan Verma and Azeem- “I am bringing friends along on Thursday. No pressure but the show better be good”. Since I arrived an hour earlier I grabbed the table behind these guys and had 2 drinks before I could gather courage to go over and say Hi. They should know who their big fan is, after all.

Anyway, as we all proceeded to drink for the next 2-3 hours a lot of discussions happened. One of them was, as DK calls it, ‘my cold war’ with X. I wondered why I thawed the friendship with X. Its not like he was super mean or anything. I don’t judge my friends by what people think about them… or how cool they are.. All, I care is how they make me feel. And since a tiny (ok.. ok… a large) part of me is weird/different… I do have friends who would be called weird/different. In fact, I am friends with 2 people who abhor and hare each other. I have never been in the same room with both of them together and will never be. And both of them wonder how I can be friends with the other. DK told me he accepts X the way he is… with all his quirks and faults. I wondered why its so difficult for me. I have been thinking about it all day… and figured it out. I don’t know who ‘X’ is anymore. I don’t get how his mind works and I don’t get him. And thats what bothers me. I don’t like being around people whose thoughts and actions are a mystery. I don’t mind if my friend is an asshole… atleast I know he/she is an asshole. I have decided to end the ‘cold war’ and give this another try. Because DK and X have been with me through some tough times and they made it to my wedding party. My first job was the greatest fun because of them and that is something which will always be close to my heart. No matter where we all go… and how rarely we talk/meet… I will always be in someway emotionally attached to them.

We also discussed on the very Dilli thing of becoming someone’s ‘bhai’. A friend is affectionately called ‘bhai’ (by the guys only) here and it is so weird. Now, KC and DK are ‘bhai’ because they will play cricket together on Sundays.

DK also said something very profound “A friend is someone who will help you when you ask for it”. The music was loud and am not sure I heard it correctly. But I interpret as ‘A friend is someone who I would call for help’. And guess what, when I close my eyes and imagine the worst things that could happen… I do see DK and X around helping me through it. A few other friends too… but they will definitely be there. Guess its time to end the ‘cold war’.


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