Coincidence or a hint from the universe

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Yesterday I watched the movie ‘The Wailing’. It is a South Korean horror movie which was screened at MAMI. KC walked out as soon as the movie started and I was on my own for 2 hrs 36 mins. The movie is about a village in South Korea where strange things start happening when a Japanese man moves into a secluded hut in the forest. People are killed by their own families and the killers die a few days later. The policeman who is investigating the crimes has a daughter who becomes possessed. There is a shaman, a young woman and the Japanese man. Till the end, it isn’t revealed who is the cause of the killings.

The movie isn’t scary but I didn’t know that till it ended. I kept expecting the next scene to bring the scares. The director hasn’t shown how the victims are killed so the audience is spared the grossness. Everything is in your own imagination and that makes it scary.

Meanwhile KC read about the movie online (because that isn’t psycho behaviour at all) and spent rest of the day cracking jokes about the Japanese man as revenge. He decided to start travelling so I would be alone at home with the imaginary Japanese man.

Me – Leave me alone with imaginary ghosts but please don’t leave me alone with your mom.

Last night at 11 pm, while putting the final touches to my workout plan, the AC turned off on it’s own.

KC rushed into the room and asked “Did you say something?”

“No, I didn’t. Why?”

“I thought I heard you call me”

I ignored it as a prank, shut the doors of my burgeoning imagination and fell asleep.

Today morning was quite pleasant. The endorphins from the interval run erased any thoughts of ghostly Japanese men. As I waited for the lift, the doors opened and a Japanese man walked out. Our neighbour. The person I have heard about but hadn’t seen even once. We have been living in this flat for a year and I have travelled to the city atleast once every month since then but never spotted him. In the last 20 days in Gurgaon, I haven’t bumped into the neighbour. But today, of all days, I bump into him. Of course. OF COURSE.

Is this a coincidence or a hint from the universe?

Is this why am not allowed to watch horror movies?

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