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I was at Cochin was a sales conference last week. On the last day I pulled my colleague for shopping… she did owe me one for helping her avoid the guy trying to hit on her. We headed to Kalyan Silks- a saree outlet at MG Road in Cochin. I was bowled over. The shop is spread over 6 floors and stocks sarees, dress materials, cosmetics, western outfits, accessories etc. As I stepped on the escalator a sales girl directed me to the correct floor. On reaching the floor another sales girl escorted me to correct section and showed numerous sarees. My colleague bought a saree even though she had no intentions of shopping while I bought two.

The shop was screaming “Spend money”. I doubt anyone left without shopping. The service is amazing… so is the collection.
No outlet- Westside, Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop etc comes close to the kind of service provided here. I was surprised… here is a local outlet which has got its model right… it knows what a customer is looking for while the bigger chains are getting lost in a maze of stupid, complicated policies and systems.

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  1. The other similar outlets are Jayalakshmi,Seemati, Mannuelson’s etc..What I like is the about these outlets is the spirited sales girls.If you are not sure about a saree..they will just drape it around themselves or on you and show you how good it looks..As you said customer service is top notch..

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