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Hiya… its been a long time. Last week was exhausting. I have eaten out a lot… come home late… missed the gym… driven for hours. One night out (till 2 am) was enough to ruin next 2 days. I am not one of those people who can be up all night and fresh the next morning. I need my beauty sleep… on time.

A firang was supposed to visit the Mumbai market and all my energy was spent setting up things… you know how it can be… Malad had become my 2nd home. Unfortunately, the visit didn’t happen.
I am looking forward to the holidays.. need to relax. Going back to work and parting from KC will be torture.
I am not attached to any festivals… they don’t make me sentimental or happy or excited… Diwali has never been a good time for me…
Need to buy candles, diyas and rangoli stuff… sigh!!!
I met Betty today after a long time… it was nice…. and another school acquaintance. She is married and all with a kid.
And now I am waiting for my food to arrive.
Good night!!!
PS: Btw… Obama is being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!!! For what??? I don’t know… It is amazing to live in such a world.

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  1. So that he feels so guilty of being awarded one, that he is compelled to refrain from waging fresh american wars on ‘you coin the term’, and continues doing nothing. In fact he is so good at doing nothing that he may fail to get defeated in next election.

  2. Come to think of it, he deserves a peace price only because he is not bush. There wasn’t even a pencil sharpner in Bhagdad, leave alone WMD. Every-non-Bush running for US president should be ex-officio Noble nominee. If you are not Bush, you deserve a noble…

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