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A quick post before I watch Mad Men season 3. It is so annoying when people are talking about the finale and am plodding through season 3.

*Note to self- Write a post on all the crappy serials I like. Tempt people into dropping their IQ levels so they like this blog more*

– Half Marathon

The 2nd half marathon this year and the 4th one of my life is this Sunday. I am nervous since it is a trail run in this heat. Sure, we will start at 5.30 am and hopefully, this time I will reach on time but by the time I finish it will be sunny and hot. Trail runs are so much harder than road runs. If I can finish it in 2 hrs 45 mins, 2 hrs 30 mins at ADHM will be child’s play. Ok… Ok… a half marathon can never be child’s play but you know what I mean. I have a slight pain in my left shin bone which acerbates after a fast run and I should probably go to a orthopaedic but it will have to wait. I saw a physiotherapist who asked me to ice it so am not too worried. But yes, it could possibly create problems.

No matter how many half marathons I run… the butterflies in my stomach will remain. Super duper excited.

And this is the plan for next few months:

  • May : Half Marathon in Gurgaon
  • August : Half Marathon in Gurgaon
  • September : Half Marathon in Shimla
  • November : ADHM
  • December : Full Marathon in Gurgaon

Too much? Or manageable?

– B’day trip

Now that the visa is here, I can talk about this. It is very convenient that KC’s and my b’day is 4 days apart. Makes life so much easier. We wanted to take our first trip abroad together this year. We planned for the anniversary but am glad it got postponed to b’day. A b’day is so much more significant than an anniversary. A b’day lasts forever… atleast until your death. Atleast it lasts longer than an anniversary. Below were the options we considered:

– Paris and Switzerland : Sil had been here few years back and I would have taken her itinerary and booked the same places but Paris is over hyped. Last month when I met A he was telling me that Eiffel tower is a TV tower which is huge. There is no history or significance behind it. Basically, people go to Paris to see a tall TV tower. We were not too keen on Paris. In fact, I was more excited about Switzerland

– USA. RT is here and we discussed the itinerary but 10-15 days are too short for USA brahman (trip) and would get really hectic. Since I have been to New York and not too impressed, this was dropped.

– Dubai, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia – One of us been to these places and didn’t want to go again

Then KC said he wants to have amazing pizzas. That struck a bell because my colleague was going to Italy. He would help me with itinerary and bookings and Naples has the best pizzas. So, Italy it is. By coincidence, we will be in Naples hogging on the best pizzas in the world on KC’s b’day.

So yeah… our food preference has decided the country we will travel to. I cannot think of a better way to make this decision.


4 thoughts on “Chota sa update

  1. Bulbul , Italy is such a perfect choice . I would have stayed in Rome for my whole trip .. And venice of course πŸ™‚ .. We couldn’t go to Naples but yeah the pizzas are amazing there .

    I had pizzas at different places all three times in s day

    There is a tourist tax ( read about it if you don’t know ) all over Italy depends on the places you stay . Just FYI .

    Eiffel tower is not a tv tower πŸ™ .. You HAVE to see it in the night and you will change your views ( husband also said the same thing before he saw it in the night )

    Good luck for your marathon this weekend .. And you will have so much time to plan your trip

  2. – Thanks for the half marathon
    – As for Italy, I have heard both negative and positive views about Rome so now I need to visit and judge for myself. We are only staying a day in Venice and I would have liked to cancel that too if we were not flying out from there. I have heard some terrible things about Venice, the pictures of the city look sad and it is over priced.
    – I know about the tax and all. That was mentioned when we booked our stay.
    – Eiffel tower is a TV tower. “Today, both radio and television stations broadcast their signals from the top of the Eiffel Tower.” I am sure it is beautiful but am not really excited by it. There are far better places to visit in the world.

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