Cheers to I, Me, Myself

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Hey… I couldn’t blog this weekend but I was busy getting KC to file his IT returns. Nope, it ain’t done and I cannot post mine without his. Ok, I can and I will if he does not finish by this weekend…
Filing IT returns online is so convenient. The company accounts guy had introduced me to it in the 2nd year of my job and I have done it myself since. I also managed to get my IT refund 6 months back. Those guys are helpful… I just had to visit thrice. On the 3rd visit, they asked me to get address proof and then only the cheque would be handed over. It would have taken me 30 mins to make the trip home and bring the documents but I was bugged. I asked the relevance of address proof. How is the refund related to where I stay? My address could be the streets, why does it matter to them? The guy finally relented and gave me my cheque. But it was not as much of a hassle as I expected it to be.
I am addicted to ‘Outsourced’ these days. The serial is about an American guy sent to India to run a call centre. It comes on Zee Cafe after 11 pm and is hilarious. Do watch it.
I was talking to my sis last night and said to her; “If we look after our ownself somebody else does not have to worry”. I am a strong believer in “I, me and myself”. My first priority is keeping myself happy. Only when I am in the happy frame of mind can I think about anyone else. Over the years I have realized that the only one to fight my battles is me… its like Kareena says in Jab We Met “Main apne sabsi favorite hoon”. If only we could all think like this. Call me selfish/self centered, this philosophy has kept me sane.
First I think about myself and once those interests are taken care of, I think about anyone else.

And cheers to that.

Next posts coming- New Car and “Being a Woman sucks”….

4 thoughts on “Cheers to I, Me, Myself

  1. Lovely thought. I believe in it but find it hard to stick by it. More so because I am a mum now :-)But I try to balance it off somehow.

    BTW I have a blog award for you on my Blog – The versatile blogger award!

  2. @ Anita: Thank you so much… sorry for the delay in replying. I still have to attempt the previous award’s tag… will do it one of these days.
    I should have mentioned in my post- not for mums. ‘Coz they are a different breed… will know if and ever I am one.

    @ RT: Yep

  3. The characters in Outsourced are unbelievably stereotyped. I have a gut feel that the creators of the show have never been to India. As much as I hate to admit it, the show is funny.

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