Change your mind / Que Sera Sera

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I would read about how you can escape/end conflict in your mind by changing your mind and perspective. It sounded like a bunch of horse shit (no offence to horses and their urea). How can it be THAT simple?

Apparently, it is. Think of it this way. You are standing in the middle of a room (square or rectangular or round or oval) and you can see one wall completely, and parts of the walls on the right and left side. Now, move away from the centre and stand in a corner from where you can spot the entire room. Looks different, doesn’t it? That is called changing your mind.

Take something that is bothering you and tell yourself “I don’t care. It doesn’t matter” and watch the magic as the situation changes and transforms. Suddenly, you DON’T care and you have placed yourself away from the centre where you can look at the whole picture or bigger picture (as corporates like to call it).

And if that doesn’t work, go for a long or fast run to the point of exhaustion or puke.

If spirituality is feeling close to God, sleep deprivation is feeling close to Satan.

I have become so Zen-like that during a meeting filled with bad news yesterday, my colleague asked me “Did you hear that? Aren’t you worried?” My answer was “Can I change it? Is it in my control? No. Then why worry about it. Que sera sera”

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