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I like to surround myself with people who inspire me. I don’t know how to define these people. They don’t put up positive quotes on fb for inspiration, they don’t go out of their way to be “nice” and they don’t let family or husbands/wives define them. I feed off their energy. It keeps me calm and driven. They are people who run half or full marathons. They are people who work hard at their jobs and spend the weekends racing around on their bikes. They are people who write because it is their passion. They are people who have normal responsibilities but “make” the time to chase their passions.

I keep a distance from everyone but am quite guarded around lazy people. I don’t like laziness and I believe it is contagious. I am the person who will run in her dreams if she doesn’t find the time or make the time to do it in reality. Lazy people will call you ‘crazy’, they won’t understand why you chase your passions, they will make fun of you or make nasty remarks. The only lazy people who encourage you are the ones who want to chase their passions but don’t know where or how to start.

This post isn’t about me, it is about Ginny- a very driven person. In the last 2-3 years I have gotten to know her, I have seen her make time to socialise with everyone, sing on stage, crossfit like a boss, get to the top of the career and go through upheaval in her personal life with the same demeanour. These have been the best and probably the worst years of her life. Last night I went to her new cafe. She quit her very high paying corporate career and started her cafe. It has been a dream for a while and one fine day, she decided to do it.

I knew about the cafe when it was an idea, have seen Ginny struggle to find the perfect location, seen the space when it was empty, seen it when it was half finished and then seen it complete. It’s like magic. How an idea or a dream can now be accessible to all. I was a little sceptical and hoped the food would be good. Because a cafe is all about the food. I have never tasted Ginny’s cooking (except for some divine hot chocolate whose recipe she was trying and I was the guinea pig. I will be anyone’s guinea pig for hot chocolate) and wasn’t sure what the food would be like. I took my biggest critic- KC along. KC is my source of negative energy. He never lets me get too positive. He balances out all the positive energy around us. Anyway, the menu has freshly ground coffee, sandwiches, pasta, grilled chicken/fish, salads and desserts. Some more items will be added to the menu soon. I asked Ginny for recommendations and she asked KC to order a sandwich and I could try grilled chicken (because dinner = proteins and fibre). The sandwiches are made with freshly baked breads.

The food was simple. The sandwich had tomatoes, some mayonnaise and a dip. But it tasted homely and light. The grilled chicken was served with a tomato mixture. It was food one would cook at home. It was light, fresh and tasty. These days I don’t like eating food which is heavy on the stomach. Food that is light is what is right for the body. It was the food which made all my doubts go away. This cafe is going to be packed with people. Ginny knows what she is doing. 100%.

What is commendable is that she has done this all on her own. Finding the location, negotiating with vendors, figuring out the menu, every little detail in the cafe is her baby Her family is in Mumbai so they couldn’t be involved in it. It isn’t easy but talk to her and she will make it seem like it is.

If you have a dream or a passion, let 2016 be the year you let it out. Don’t make it your profession but at the very least nurture it. Don’t let it die.

Don’t become friends with inspiring people or get to know them too well. You may start seeing faults and that could ruin everything. The trick is to stalk them at a distance

This is not a promotional post and not a review. This is personal and hence, it is on this blog. Now that I really like the food and the ambience (fairy lights on the ceiling. How can you not like a place which has fairy lights. I should put fairy lights in my bedroom), I will do a review of the cafe on my other blog in a few weeks

C’est La Vie is in Nirvana Courtyard market.


When the cafe was yet to open


Coffee walnut cake. During the food trials

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That’s Ginny and her dream come true. Or rather, a dream she made true

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I will click better pictures next time. Loved the grilled chicken. The best foods has the simplest ingredients.

WP_20160129_21_48_28_Rich (1)

The picture isn’t very good but trust me, the sandwiches are divine. I, rarely, order sandwiches outside home because am not very fond of them. Restaurants fill their sandwiches with cheese, mayonnaise and a lot of other crap to make them tasty. It is rare to find something which is simple and light.

If you live in Delhi NCR, you should check this place out. Trust me. I may lie about everything else in my life but never about food recommendations.



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