Black Mirror has me freaked out

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I would like to binge watch it all night but need to get some sleep.

BM has me freaked out. It isn’t so much about the connection with my smartphone or how am glued to it. It is a matter of 1 week’s detox to break that cycle. The problem how my daily interactions with people are over the phone. At work, I speak to my team over the phone. Sure, there is some interaction with the rest of the staff because that is unavoidable. And yes, there are people I meet at the gym. Maybe some friends I see over the weekend.

But rest of the time, am interacting with people on social media. I know so much about some of the people I follow and vice versa. While am excited to meet up with some of them this weekend, I know none of my social media friends will be serious contenders as real life friends. Unless, we meet up enough number of times in person. Let’s face it, we all have a different personality online. That is the charm of it. You can connect with people over one aspect and ignore the other. For example, if am friends with someone because we have running in common, I don’t know about their personal life or what they do or anything else about them. If I meet them in real life, these other things may come into the picture.

Then again, what is wrong with a phone? If the small screen can give you access to everything you could ever need or want, what is wrong with that? It is a different way of life with it’s own set of problems.


Jazz… Gym… Vampires

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Hiya… after 3 months of Jazz, the instructor finally noticed and appreciated me today. I am on a high.

I still remember joining the classes 3 years back. I used to have Sat and Sundays off… without a car then, NCR was a boring boring place. I decided to join the Sunday batch to kill time. I cannot dance, ‘coz of which I am not too fond of it either. The objective was never to learn dance… but maybe to lose some weight. I would go through the motions, try to match the steps and just get through the class. After 2 months I moved out of NCR.
This time I decided to join the classes to lose weight… and learn something in the process. The first month was not too great… I was shy… and conscious. By the end of it, I learned something… I could remember the steps and perform them. It made me very happy. In the 2nd month, I was quite confident that I would be better than the newcomers. Unfortunately, dance is about talent and hard work. When others are more talented, I need to work harder to get better than them. Since I was not competing, this did not make me feel good. The 3rd month was the best… I could now remember the steps, pick them up quite fast… and perform them. I renewed the membership.
After more than 3 months, the instructor praised me on my energy and performance today. It was great… I can feel I am better and someone else noticing it is the best feeling…
Few things I have done to improve: (No.. I did not practice at home.. not once… too lazy)
  • I downloaded the songs that are played in class and listen them over and over and over again. I started to like them and just listening to them again in class made me get into rhythm. This really helped. 2 of those songs are now my ringtone.
  • I realized that listening to the song over and over again can make me like it. For example, we have song for the month on which dance steps are choreographed. I did not like this month’s song when I first heard it… but now I really like it.
  • I reach class early and revise the steps. I cannot remember the steps once I come home. I doubt I will be able to perform them once class is over. So, I reach early and revise with the other students. This helps perform better in class.
  • Clothes: NCR beats Mumbai’s ass when it comes to fashion. The girls in my class dress so well… those who have the figure, do flaunt it in their tiny shorts and spaghetti tops. It is important to be able to see how your body is moving. After weeks of wearing either loose tops/bottoms to hide my body, today I went with hips hugging tracks (I bought them 3 years back specifically for the class) and a tight top. I was surprised to see myself perform the steps correctly… something, I didn’t realize earlier. But, good clothes can bring a lot of confidence
  • Confidence: The class has mirrors placed in front. We are all encouraged to look at ourselves while dancing. Now, that is damn difficult ‘coz all newcomers do not like how awkward they look in the beginning. Also, dance means being absolutely comfy and proud of your body… ‘coz you have to flaunt it… I am not. We were made to do exercises where we looked at the mirror and proclaimed our love. No kidding. Funny… but it worked. I try and position myself so that I can see myself in the mirror.
I have joined the gym as well… for 2 reasons:
  • I have gotten into the habit of waking up at 6 am… and now I can hit the gym in the mornings… to lose weight and tone up. I tried jogging/walking… which is fine… but it does not tone up the body
  • I have bought a lot of workout clothes recently… and 2 days in a week is not enough to wear them. Ok, this one is a big motivation for me. Call me fickle… but whatever works for me.
On a totally unrelated note… below are soaps I am completely addicted to these days:
  • Gossip Girl: The series is about 4 friends from Manhattan… rich, popular and screwed up… Serena, Nate, Chuck and Blair. There is Ted somewhere in the equation. They are rich, spoilt brats but stick together against outsiders. I hate that I can only watch 1 episode per week now.
  • How I met your mother: This needs no introduction. Of course, it has started dragging now… the whole Barney, Ted and Robin triangle is sooo old season and boring. Also, high time we got to meet the mother.
  • 90210: Another series about rich, spoilt teenagers… this time in California.
  • Vampire Diaries: Love it… every episode has twists which are unpredictable…
  • True Blood: I just started watching it… its about vampires but is gross and scary… and slow. But I have read great reviews. Right now, I am hooked.
Today was a perfect day… love mid week holidays… looking forward to the long break of Diwali:
  • 7.45- 8.45 am : Gym
  • 10: 30 am: B’fast
  • 12. 30 pm: Lunch
  • 1-3 pm: Nap
  • 3 pm: Bath
  • 4-6 pm: Search for the perfect couch in budget
  • 7- 8.15 pm: Jazz
Good night…

The Shift

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Hiya… The shifting has been tiring. Everything that could go wrong, did.

In Mumbai, flats are never empty. There is barely a few days gap before a new tenant shifts in. You have to take the flat in whatever condition given- cracks, holes, dust, plugs not working etc. In Gurgaon, the flat is given in a perfect condition- every flaw is corrected. This is the responsibility of the broker.
When we reached the house, the broker was out of town. We discovered the plugs were not working, the doors were not getting locked and power back up was not available. I screamed at the owner’s broker (she hugged me when I had met her… we call it the hug of poison) while KC screamed at ours. We got the cable installed with difficulty (Airtel DTH still pending… it has been 3 days) but there was no electricity. KC and I headed to our fav restaurant ‘Dana Choga’ for an early dinner and caught the last 30 overs of the match at CCD. The world cup was the ONLY positive for KC. I woke up on Sunday at 7 am and started unpacking. We did not leave the house for more than a few mins since people kept coming with some or the other work. KC was irritated ‘coz I wanted everything finished before joining work. If it was upto him the same task would get accomplished in 2 weeks (on the optimistic side). My only treat was a warm bath once everything was done. Guess what??? The geyser was leaking. I shivered through my bath and realized how exhausted I was when I hit the bed. My whole body was aching and it was not yet over. There was more to do the next day.
KC was at work today and I got work done by carpenter, electrician, broadband guy, washing machine installation guy etc. 90% done now… the rest will have to wait till the weekend.
So, a new life begins. It is nice to have KC around. Our major argument has been on sharing the shoes cabinet.
I can bookmark this date on my blog- the day we began our married life. This is nice.
There are many more things I want to write about- how Gurgaon has changed (or not), my first impressions of it, Gurgaon Vs Mumbai, maid troubles, culture differences etc. Maybe I can write about 1-2 topics everyday. Lets see.
For now, I have the fastest connection- 4 Mbps. The downloads which took 2 hours earlier are now done in 15 mins. And I am watching ‘America’s Next top model’ on Love Big CBS… a channel with all English soaps- Everybody loves Raymond, Oprah etc.
Good night!!! I hope work life turns out to be good.

Just some thoughts

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Hey… sorry… I have been gone long. It has been a hectic week. I already need a break. Last night I was stuck in traffic for an hour. Thats what makes driving so tiring. I wanted to blog every night but the hectic schedule didn’t give me time.

New Year’s was bad… we went for buffet dinner to Park at Belapur. The food was horrible… we rushed out within 30 mins. I don’t know why we try so hard to make New Year’s Eve special… I think the best NYE was at home… watching late night TV and having Maggi at midnight. What bliss!!!
I just have 2 resolutions:
  • Grow the hair on my head (need to specify… there should not be any misunderstandings later). I have had shoulder length hair for most of my life so I want to grow them this year. It means no trim for next 6 months which means I will look like hell. The trend for 2011 is predicted to be short hair but… I guess like always I will tag behind
  • Lose weight… the target is 1 kg per month and it is not as easy as it sounds. I have not been to the gym for 3-4 days due to the schedule. But I will keep trying
Thats it. No other plans or resolutions. I am too pessimistic with my life to plan it now.
I am looking forward to buying a microwave this week. Any suggestions? I will be able to experiment with my cooking now.
Btw… the Hush Puppies store in Nirmal Lifestyle has a clearance sale- upto 50% off. Check it out if you are near Mulund. Good stuff for around 1000 bucks… for HP it is cheap and affordable.
The SRK episode on Koffee with Karan was awfully boring. All that crying shying… what nautanki.
Investments for 2010 are done… planning for 2011 has begun.

I am thinking…

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  • Samsung is a great company with good products and good service. We have a TV, AC, Fridge and washing machine which have not given any problems in the last one year. The fridge freezer door broke down because I do not defrost it often. One call and the engineer was at home with the door the next day at my convenient time. Wow!!! I am a fan for life.
  • I am reading the blog of someone I knew in college. She was a friend’s friend and is on my facebook list. I cannot believe there are soooo many dimensions to this lady. Blogs reveal sooo much
  • Watching Koffee with Karan and my initial thoughts about Ranbir and Imran… ‘Ranbir- Cold, manipulative, competitive, spoilt brat, playboy but a good actor. Is he a scorpion?’ ‘Imran- Kiddish, cool, sweet, friendly, innocent and still to mature as a actor’
  • Diwali bakshish works. I have given it to my maid, cook, laundry guy and trusted watchman. They have all seemed happy and grateful to receive it
  • You need to have time by yourself to be able to blog well- without TV, laptop, books or any other activity. I tend to do atleast 2 activities together at any point of time and thats why blogging is suffering. Ditto for KC


Friday night fever

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Its been a frustrating few hours. The first half of the day passed by peacefully… the upheavals happened in the 2nd half. Sometimes I like to look back to the year past and see how far I have come professionally… how much I have learned and how much I have contributed. There are some things which make me happy and contented and many others which make me feel helpless and frustrated. I wish there would have been progress in some of the important things. I hate to be standing at the same junction after a year. Sigh!!!

Note- Above reference to professional life and not personal

Friday night is special but I end up doing un-special things like watching Project Runway while eating KFC chicken. Today is a day I just want to sip coffee with a friend and de-stress…. but not at home… and not on the phone.
The plan for Diwali is to go to Goa. We cancelled the trip in April on our anniversary and we are making it up now. I am looking forward to the break… THAT and Khushi’s arrival to Mumbai on Sunday (for a week) and Diwali gifts.
There are good and bad American reality shows. The bad ones can be VERY, VERY, VERY cheesy with unimaginable drama and the good ones are a class apart- So you think you can dance, Project Runway, Masterchef Australia (yes, yes, it is Australian). They focus on the content- dance, food, fashion etc and not on the drama. Unfortunately in India, Indian TV industry only includes the negatives in reality shows… Masterchef India focuses on Akshay’s star power. There was this guy who gifted him a kirpan, there were close ups of them and lot of emotional drama. Why can’t they just focus on the content instead of the celebrity?


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Hiya… I am ill… just got tested for Malaria. I hope the reports come negative tomorrow. One moment I was busy with work in the market and could feel the beginnings of a terrible headache which I shirked off as stress…. the next moment I was puking my lunch in the office loo at 6 pm. I drove home holding on with difficulty. All I wanted to do was stop my car at Powai and puke.

I took the day off today and felt better by afternoon. But as evening crawled I started shivering and felt the fever on me. The doc was kind enough to prescribe fewer tablets (I cannot take tablets). KC is adamant about coming home over the weekend… but this month is hectic for both of us and we cannot afford to lose work days. The phone kept ringing every hour and I didn’t know how to tell everyone to leave me alone. Sigh!!!
Malaria is becoming a problem in Mumbai but I didn’t imagine it could affect me. There are no mosquitoes at home. Thankfully I stay on the 8th floor where the stench of garbage strewn around the building cannot reach.
Anyway… I managed to finish all seasons of ‘That 70s show’. This is the only series after Friends and SATC that I have completed.
Here are my thoughts:
  • I wanted Jackie and Hyde to end up together… they made a combustible pair
  • Dana should have ended up with Randy… they were quite perfect for each other in season 8. But she goes back to Eric. Real life is about moving on and not getting stuck in a rut
  • Dana gives up college ‘coz she cannot part from Eric but he does not think twice before going to Africa… and she talks about feminism???
  • It was shock to see the teens working at various jobs instead of attending college but thats American life, I guess
  • Fas’s native country is not revealed till the end… and that is hilarious
  • Eric’s parents were consistent through all the seasons… damn good


My bed is filled with clothes, medicines, laptop, books, thermometer. I hate to sleep in such a messy place but have no energy to clean.
Btw… illness did not deter me from washing clothes. 🙂

Friends Vs How I met your mother

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  • A unique series about 6 friends… 3 gals… 3 guys. Everyone can identify with atleast one character
  • Can be watched over and over and over and over again
  • The episodes are not continuous due to which any episode can be watched anytime
  • There is no suspense … everyone knows Ross and Rachel will end up together and Chandler and Monica will live happily ever after
  • Friends who hook up (have sex) end up together

How I met your mother:

  • A series about 5 friends who spend every night in a bar
  • But the series is not about all 5 of them… it is about Ted and his search for his wife… very innovative
  • There is loads of suspense…. Ted has not met his to-be-wife even in season 5. I am dying to know who she is
  • Watching re-runs are not so much fun
  • I don’t think anyone can identify with any character in the series… Barney??? No ways… Marshall??? Too mushy mushy… Lilly? Too perfect… Robin??? Too hard hearted… Ted??? Too romantic
  • Friends who hook up do not always end up together… (Robin and Ted, Robin and Barney)


Barney is the ultimate character… Neil Patrick Harris is not as good looking as he was as a teenager (Doogie Howser M.D) but has done an awesome job in the series. I doubt anyone could have played it so well.
Which one do you like?

I am eating Nestle’s Dairy Whitener

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It is not as good as Amulspray… but Amulspray comes in an expensive tin can. I am watching Dharma and Greg… anyone remember this series? I picked up the DVD in Planet Music… a time pass series about a couple who are opposites… Dharma is impulsive, free spirited, spiritual… Greg is rich, sophisticated, uptight…. they meet… sparks fly.. and they get married on the first date. YES!!! First date.

Oops, spilled some of the whitener on the laptop keyboard… blowing on it ain’t helping. Great!!! It just adds to my weekend cleaning.
I wanted to watch Striker but it was in the theatres for a week only… 🙁

Got to go… good night. My mood just got ruined.

Dare 2 Date

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I love this show… cannot catch as often as I would like to…. but…

Today’s episode (maybe it is a repeat) has a typical Gujju 22 year old actress dating a Delhi 22 year old model. They are completely mismatched… she is a gharelu behenji… he is a cool dude. It is hilarious. I am just happy to see A’bad roads on TV. Sigh!!!
Before moving to Mumbai I expected the city to be multi cultural but it is very Marathi dominant (maybe Raj and gang have something to do with that). It makes life slightly difficult ‘coz I don’t speak a word of Marathi and have no interest in learning it either. I didn’t notice the Gujarati dominance in Gujarat because I know the language.
I love the ad ‘Strange Love’ of Coke. The new Fast track ads of ‘Move On’ are also very good.
There is nothing on TV on Fridays… what a waste!!!