Categories of rats at the gym

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Newbies :

Will be confused about weights and the workouts which is understandable. You recognise by their lack of basic etiquette – like not walking on someone’s mat, not picking up someone else’s weights without asking them first, not hogging all the space in a packed class, coming on time to class, not walking on their toes once yoga starts or is about to end when everyone is meditating, putting their phone on silent, answering their phone outside the class etc etc.

Amateurs :

Have been coming for a while and know the basic etiquette. Are very friendly with everyone and surprised when someone (me) does not share similar enthusiasm for small talk. Struggling with their form but trying to get it rights.

Intermediates :

People like me who know why they come to the gym and what they expect from a class. Focus on form over weights. Manage to push themselves a little more in every class. Avoid cheating on reps and are enthusiastic about intense workouts.

Fitness freaks :

Fit. Muscular. Workout more, talk less. Hottest people in the gym.

Morons :

Can’t do a full range basic squat but won’t even try to correct that. Will either do weighted squats any way or ignore lower body and stack up high weights for upper body. Have been working out for months but their form is still wrong. Ugh!!!

Which category do you fall into?


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