Busy Days

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It has been 2 busy days and I am looking forward to the break from it. We have a sales conference in Bangkok beginning Sunday. Fortunately or unfortunately, my passport has expired and the new one did not arrive on time. I am flying to B’glore tomorrow afternoon. KC was wondering why I didn’t do so tonight… well, I wanted a break.. sometime to pack, go the parlour etc. I didn’t want to leave directly from office.

This month will be busy and yet chill. I have appraisal in 2 weeks and there is a lot to prepare for it. It is weird… I have done well… the nos have happened… and yet I am wondering what to list as achievements. I guess, it will require a lot of thinking.
Chill… ‘coz I can take as many leaves as I want.
I am looking forward to the break in B’glore before beginning preparation for the appraisal. Let me push it to the back of my mind.

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