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Hiya… it has been a busy weekend with loads to do:

  • Call Samsung service centre for removal of AC and LCD. I had to call everday for 5-6 days. They would tell me someone will call back in 24 hours. When I called back to complain they would ask me to wait till 8 pm… after which their call centre closes and they cannot be reached until the next day. A very, very, very frustrating incident. Finally, I did what I do best… bullied them into giving the service.
  • Call Airtel DTH for removal of antenna… this was by far the MOST frustrating job. I called and placed the request one week in advance… for 3-4 days I received calls from executives everyday wanting to come and remove the antenna. I wanted someone to come on Saturday or Sunday. Nobody called on Friday and I called them giving a specific time for someone to turn up. I was assured someone would be there. Nobody turned up. I called back… they said executive is scheduled to come in the evening who will call in 2 hours. Nobody called, of course. I took the contact of the service manager… who was on leave and he directed me to another female… who directed me to another guy… who directed me to a 3rd person… whose phone was unreachable. To end the long story the guy turned up in the evening… when he wanted to and refused to even wait for 5 mins extra.
  • Movers and packers have taken ALL my stuff. Yes.. I am living without TV, bed, wardrobe, fridge, gas connection etc. The house looks so much bigger now… but feels as lonely as I am. I don’t look forward to coming home. My only support is the broadband connection but even that will be gone this week
  • Follow up with the landlord on the deposit is a pain. He was giving me stories about how his wife is in the hospital and he is busy. I asked KC only 1 question; “If we had to return someone’s money and one of us was on our death bed… would we have done it on time?” The answer is “Yes”. When you make a commitment you keep it. And it is MY money, I have every right to demand it on time. On our part, we have never delayed any of his payments… instead have supported him by paying him before time. But then, a landlord will always be a landlord.
  • Gas has been disconnected… this was a smoother process since all my documents were in place.
Managing a house alone is not easy and none of the companies make it easier.

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  1. Your F***ed up landlord should be whipped. He wouldn’t have given you the house without the deposit being paid on time. But of course when it comes to returning the money, that’s a different story altogether. M&^%$#@#*%er.

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