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I had put up a poll on the blog to check how readers are interacting with my 3 other blogs. Are different people with different interests visiting them or are the same people getting bugged keeping track of posts on 4 blogs? 5 people voted (thank you guys) or maybe 1 person voted 5 times (thanks for the effort- you person-with-lots-of-time). I was very surprised by the results. 80% thought I should club all 3 blogs into 1. Sure, I didn’t put the poll on the other 3 blogs and get views from people who don’t know me but I doubt they are loyal readers.

So…. after more than 10 hours of the laptop heating up my groins in the last week, I unveil


Yes- I am clearly out of blog names and recycled the old one. The blog is still work under process. I could not import the photos correctly from wordpress and hence they are grainy. Don’t worry, I just need another week’s time to replace all the pictures in more than 100 posts. If I can spend 2 hours trying to figure out HTML code to get the menus in the header to line up horizontally and messing up 2 theme templates in the process, what are a few 100 photos?

The blog has 3 sections till now- books (from bookerworm), fashion/beauty (from dailyquirkyfashion) and movie reviews (from filumtime). I may add a food section as well, it depends on how much material I have. Don’t worry about boogerworm… I will always have enough stuff to rant about here.

The biggest advantages of having 1 blog instead of 3 are that I can update it more often and get more blog hits in the process. There are two ways of getting views- more posts and more relevant posts; in my case the latter is more “controversial” posts.

On the sidebar and on the header, you can access the different sections which interest you:

Click on the round circle on the header on the right and you will find 3 sections- Books (book reviews and notes), Entertainment (movies/play/documentary/comedy show reviews) and fashion/beauty (from the fashion/beauty blog)

Buls gone Bonkers

Buls gone Bonkers (1)

You can also navigate to specific category of posts from the sidebar. The fashion/beauty blog updation is still in process but the tags/categories for books and movies are done.

Buls gone Bonkers (2)

Please share your thoughts, suggestions and brickbats.

Thanks for reading.

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