Bucket list for 2016

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  • Run 1200 km atleast
  • Run in 10 different cities (including Delhi and Gurgaon)
  • Be the best in TRX class. Not in the top 10% but the BEST
  • Bake 10 new types of cakes in the year
  • Try 10 new recipes
  • Start work on the B plan
  • Read 60 books
  • Write everyday
  • Go for a trek
  • Have one meal every week with KC where phones are not allowed
  • Give lesser fucks
  • Don’t be guilty about giving lesser fucks
  • Save more
  • Invest more
  • Buy less clothes, preferably none. Ok, starting tomorrow am banned from buying anything. Yep, shopping ban during the sale season
  • Watch more documentaries
  • Stay away from nasty people unless they are on twitter
  • Stay away from saccharine sweet people. They are fake
  • Be nicer to KC
  • Continue to maintain a work life balance
  • Stay away from slobs, lazy and unhealthy people
  • Don’t replace gym with people
  • Stay away from people who expect you to skip your workout for them
  • Stand up to sexism. Give a hard time to people who make sexist comments whether at work, home or on social media. It is not OK.
  • Do not like anyone’s baby pictures on social media
  • Don’t pretend to be nice. It’s never worth it.
  •  Take one trip every quarter without fail
  • Have more sex. Lots more.
  • Donate more. Donate regularly to at least two charities – one of them being MSF


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