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I was very, very excited about the concert… my first concert. I have been to Indian Ocean and Euphoria at Chaos in IIM-A but they don’t count. I was very unsure about the time when Bryan will arrive but not too worried ‘coz I have heard of artists turning up 2-3 hours late all the time. We left home at 7 pm confident that at 8 pm we will be in. Of course, Mumbai traffic intervened and then we spent 15 mins finding a parking spot. To add more masala to it, I forgot the tickets at home. I had an email confirmation and was hoping it would work some miracle. KC patiently stood next to me through all the turmoil. The Kazoonga guys were not willing to let me in… I begged and pleaded and the guy gave in. God bless him… I hope he has hot, panting sex on Valentine’s. By this time we had missed half of the concert but the rest 60 mins were completely worth it. Bryan Adams looks awfully old now but still has energy. Damn good.

Dinner was at Cafe Mangii. I have passed by this restaurant plenty of times. It is opposite Powai lake and has seating outside. Looks wonderful. We requested for seats outside and the waiters were surprised. Generally, people prefer sitting inside… I realized soon why. There were mosquitoes outside and we had to move indoors. It took them 20 mins to get my drink… after 45 mins there was no sign of food. I started giving them dirty looks and they brought us assorted breads and butter. Our meal arrived 2 mins later. Why didn’t they serve the breads earlier? It would have kept us busy. We had ordered Risotto in red sauce and Mangii chicken. The Risotto was strictly ok… I have had better. There was less rice and too many vegetables. The Mangii chicken had a stuffing of spinach in chicken breast and pepper mushroom sauce on top. The chicken was soft and cooked well. I loved it. A meal for 2 with 1 drink cost 1400 bucks which is on the more expensive side. Worth a try once.

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