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For the first time (for as long as I can remember) I watched a movie without reading the review first… and lived to regret it.
It is the story of a couple who have been in love since they were kids. They assumed they would end up together. Imran and Deepika are complete opposites… she is impulsive, he is sensible… she is sure about her dreams, he is still finding himself… she is adventurous, he plays it safe… you get it. In real life the relationship will be a disaster… complete opposites cannot stay together… it takes a lot of hard work, commitment and love.
Anyway… Deepika plans to go abroad for studies and they try to work it long distance. It is a disaster… finally, Deepika breaks up with Imran. But Imran being the loser he is… decides to stick around, be at her beck and call and try to win her back. In the process he finds his passion.
In the end, Deepika misses Imran and goes back to him.
Such a dragggggg…. why can’t Bollywood ever be real? Why all the pretence? Hollywood makes a lot of crappy chick flicks but the emotions of the women can be identified with. Not so, in this flick. I do see a lot of Deepika’s character in me… but… Imran is a loser. And losers never win the women.
Sahana Goswami is looking quite ugly. She needs to lose a lot of weight. I don’t know why she does these sidey roles… Deepika has worn shorts throughout…. I know she has great legs… but there are choices of outfits these days. I hated her super duper low waisted ghagharas. They look weird. Sensuality is in leaving some things to the imagination. Imran is predictable. He can play the good guy quite well. Deepika is adept playing such a character. Reminded me of Love Aaj Kal.
Watch it if there is absolutely nothing else to do.

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