Boring, boring day

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I am very sleepy, tired, bored and don’t want to look at the laptop for the next 10-11 hours. But as promised, am going to write everyday.

I did the most the most boring jobs of the year today- appraisal and investment proof.

I have realised that a good appraisal is one where there are no surprises. Where you know what’s coming your way. I was pleasantly surprised by the good feedback because there is dearth of praise in the corporate world. But that wasn’t the task I hate. Filling up the form is torture. Selling yourself after meeting your objectives is so boring. But I tackled this task head on in the morning and gingerly crossed it off my ‘to do’ list.

Investment proof. I was so worried that I walked into the gym, went to the locker room, checked my official mail, walked out of the gym, came home and told KC “Guess what am going to do now?”

Him – What?

Me – I am going to open my official laptop at 9 pm

Him – Big deal. I to do that quite often

We went crazy looking for the possession certificate of the flat but after 45 mins of search it was found safe in my documents. On the bright side, KC managed to discard all the crap stuffed in his drawers. Atleast, I hope he did. I am too scared to open them and check.

Why? Why? Why? Why do we have to talk and write and give proof for stuff we have done? The government can use my PAN number to get access to all my investments. Why do they have to make me fill 100 forms?

Ditto for appraisals.

Some of you may think I hate filing returns too. But I don’t mind it so much since it takes me only 30 mins to file returns. I have had lots of practice. Every year, I file my returns as soon as I receive my Form 16 and then remind KC about his everyday. Then, on the night before the final deadline, I will help him with his.

Good night.

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