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I like Khushwant Singh’s books… whether I agree with them or not, he writes well and has the guts to speak his mind. More Malicious Gossip is a collection of his writing. What is commendable is that since he is very old, the writings range over a large period of time. There are writings about Indira Gandhi. I think he is very pro-Gandhi (not the Mahatma… the family) and his writing about Indira is biased. But, I appreciate anyone who can express his/her views fiercely. I plan to read all his books.

Worth a read.
This is Aravind Adiga’s 3rd book… the first one was brilliant, the 2nd one – Between the Assassinations was very forgettable… coming to the 3rd book…it is about development in Mumbai. Basically, people in smaller flats or slums are offered huge amounts for buying off the flats… a new building is constructed in its place and sold off for higher amounts… most of the times, the people are also given free flats in the building. It is a win win proposition for everyone.

‘Last Man in Tower’ is about one man who refuses to sell off his flat. According to the law, every person must agree to the settlement else it will not be valid. One hand is a lot of money which will fulfill every dream of the residents… on the other hand is one old man with nothing to lose … for who money is not a motivation. I will not get into details or the end.
The book is strictly ok…. Would I have picked it up if it was not by Adiga? No. The story would never have tempted me to pick it up. Just like a lot of writers, Adiga is a one hit wonder… I don’t think he will enjoy the same level of success.. no, thats not the correct word… many will call this book also successful… he will not enjoy the same peak in his writing.
The book is quite long… the story does not have enough twists and turns … and I read it for a month… its not a pick you can carry on the metro ‘coz of its bulk… it cannot be read after a tiring and frustrating day.
I would suggest you avoid. Why pick up a book ‘coz of its author?

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