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Hiya. I have not reviewed books in quite sometime. No- I have not stopped reading. My reading has been a little slow lately. Reason is that I have not been travelling on the metro. Yes, there is a connection. On any day I travel in a metro for 3 hours. Answering phones or replying to mails is not possible. Reading is the only option. I relish that time. Here are reviews of books I have read lately:

  • Gossip Girl- Part 1: I came across this book in the online library and was pleasantly surprised. I grabbed the copy. The book is slightly different from the series. It is about Serena’s return to school after the boarding fiasco. But let me begin at the beginning. Gossip Girl series is about the lives of the rich, filthy rich living in Manhattan. They have it all. Or do they? A lady- Gossip Girl prints sends gossip on mail to everyone. It is generally about these rich kids or their friends. Nobody knows who Gossip Girl is. Of course, everyone feeds her gossip. The book’s focus is less on Gossip Girl and more on the characters. Blair is unhappy with Serena’s return since she is finally in the limelight. Nate is a goody goody- like in the series. Dan is very withdrawn, aloof… unlike in the series. His sister, Jane is supposed to be bosomy (not so in the series) and trying to get into the world of the rich. Chuck is an absolute bastard… he talks crap about Serena… tries to maul Jenny. Very unlike the Chuck of the series… who is bad but decent. Vanessa- Dan’s love interest is supposed to be creative, into goth and very artistic. In the series, she is bitchy and a bad dresser. Also, Serena and Nate sleep with each other and Nate is in love with her… even though he is dating Blair. I could understand the characters better… what they think, why they do what they do. But they are different from those portrayed in the series. Good read
  • Gossip Girl- Part 2: I had picked up this book few months back and then left it. It is not a continuation of the first one. Instead, it is about 3 twins who have joined school in Manhattan. Now, I get it. A good, timepass read. I am going to pick up the 3rd part soon. The best part is I can finish the book in 1 metro ride.
  • To Sir, with love: Years ago, when I was living with a friend’s friends in a Thane flat; my room mate gifted this book to the other room mate on her b’day. I picked it up from the library this week. The book is about a black teacher who joins a school in a run down neighborhood. He has to face racism and resentment from his students. The book is about how he transforms the students and earns their love and respect. Good read.
  • The Greatest Show on Earth: I love reading about Bollywood. I have read many biographies. The celebrities lives are fascinating and difficult. This book is a collection of chapters taken from various books written on Bollywood celebrities. There are writings on Shobha De’s views of some celebrities as editor of Stardust, chapters from biography on Kapoors… on Shahrukh…. chapter on Manmohan Desai’s movies… the influence of Islam on Bollywood… on Amitabh Bachan… on Sholay … etc etc. A very good read. I was just thinking- the current lot of actresses are much smarter than earlier ones… we never hear of second marriages, kids out of wedlock etc etc. We cannot imagine a Hema-Jeetendra-Dharmendra-Sanjeev Kumar kind of love story these days. The love lives are more sensible. Women are not compromising and taking charge of their lives. No man can behave the way Sanjay Khan did with Zeenat Aman.

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