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I was very happy when I came across goodreads. It was a dream a come true. Finally, a place where I can track what I have read, read and write reviews and make a list of books I want to read. The last point was what I most excited about. But in the last few months, I reduced the time I spend on this website…. because

  • My “to read” list keeps growing longer but I can’t seem to be able to catch up. And everytime I visit the website the loooonnnnggg list gives me a heart attack. Instead of enjoying the book am reading, I want to finish it fast and move on to the next one so I can shorten the list.
  • I buy books on an impulse. I always have. Making the “to read” list removed the impulse part. I would miss out on new books because there were so many others I was supposed to read

I have also realized that buying books online is very different from buying them in the store. Online is a planned purchase and a bookstore is all about impulse purchase. Like, I have never gone on amazon and bought a book from the options shared by them. I always have to look for what I want. I don’t understand why bookstores are shutting down. You have to get people in and they will definitely buy 8 out of 10 times. I always do.

Since the last 1 month, I have stopped looking what my “to read” on goodreads or get worried about finishing a book I started. If a book cannot hold my attention, I don’t need to finish it. I pick up what I feel like when I feel like it. Simple.

Reading is the only area of my life I am eliminating lists from.


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  1. I refer goodreads often and have a “to read” list but I make it a point to not stick to it and its more of a platform to find information and reviews about new books I come across. šŸ™‚

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