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Reviews of all the books I have read recently:

1) Angel of the Dark: I kept wondering it is written by Sidney Sheldon or Tilly Bagshawe. The actual author is Tilly Bagshawe but the story is Sidney Sheldon’s. The only reason I picked up this book is ‘coz of Sidney. I am a fan and have read every book. The story is about a serial killer who kills the elderly, rich husband; rapes his much younger wife. After a few days, the young widow disappears and donates all the inherited to charity. The serial killer is captured in the end. I liked the story. But the writing is very different from Sidney. Sidney has a different style which makes the story more thrilling. Tilly is not even a patch on that. Not a bad book but I wouldn’t have picked it up if Sidney’s name was not on the cover.



2) Bhaag Milkha Bhaag: I generally read the book on which a movie is based. Many times it is a repetition but at other times it just adds to the fun. I hated the movie and so picked up the book. Was the book bad and so the movie turned out horrible or is it the director’s fault? The book is good… different from the movie. It does not have the weepy, emotional quality which was a drag in the movie. If you liked the movie, read the book… if you hated the movie, please do read the book. Milkha Singh’s story is endearing… the movie did not do justice to it

3) American Brat: I picked this up ‘coz I am a Bapsi Sidhwa fan. I loved ‘Ice candy man’ and was looking forward to this. The book is about a Pakistani female who is sent to USA to broaden her horizons for a short vacation. She decides to stay on and complete her education there. The story is ok… it is nothing new… it is also not about the trials faced by a Pakistani. It is just a simple story. Not really worth the money.


4) Wedding Night: I love Sophie Kinsella’s books. They are truly chick lit. Some women (mainly women authors) get offended by the term- ‘chick lit’. But then I doubt a man would ever read these books and enjoy them. They are written by a woman … for women. The story is about a girl who breaks up with her long time boyfriend ‘coz he refuses to commit. She meets her first love and they get married. On the other hand, her sister is trying to dissuade her from consummating the marriage so that she can get an annulment as soon as she realizes it was a mistake. A comedy of errors which I loved reading.


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