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I have read so many books in the last few years and am reviewing them below. Since there are too many, am not putting the pics.. too much trouble:

  • Dead until dark, Living dead in Dallas, Club dead and Dead to the world by Charlaine Harris: The obsession with vampires continues… since, Vampire Diaries is on a hiatus till Jan and I have watched True Blood till season 4, it is the books I am racing through. The problem with reading them was that I would confused between the serial and books. Another problem is they are not available in Landmark, Crossword or Om book shop. I end up buying at I like the books… read them if you are into vampires
  • Custody by Manju Kapur: I had read ‘Difficult Daughters’ by Manju when I was in college. Decided to pick up this book. It is about a wife who cheats on her hubby with his boss and walks out of the marriage. She makes her husband’s life hell by turning the kids against him. Her husband manages to keep the girl child but his male kid hates him. Thats how it ends… She has tried to bring out the havoc divorce can bring… but its an ok book.
  • The pregnant king by Devdutt Pattanaik: I read this book long time back. It is about Indian mythology… about a king who gives birth. It is a good book. I love reading about mythology… the stories are full of imagination. The sexual escapades cannot be matched by no other.
  • Mafia Queens of Mumbai by S. Hussain Zaidi: The book has been written by a journalist who works on the crime beat. This book was on my wish list on flipkart for quite sometime before I purchased it. A strictly ok book…. it talks about some women gangsters of Mumbai. I didn’t find the book revealing enough. It lacked depth and research. Please avoid.
  • Death in Mumbai by Meenal Baghel: Another book on Maria Jerome and Emile… this book professes to reveal the true story. The missing piece is what actually happened in the flat when Jerome killed Emile. Why did he kill him? Was he provoked? Did Maria plan it? The book does not have answers. For some weird reason, it has many chapters on Ekta Kapoor… maybe to get insight into the tv industry but it does fit into the whole story. Avoid.
  • Diary of a wimpy kid Cabin Fever: Another one in the series of Diary of a wimpy kid. I love it… love their books and the movies as well. Please pick it up.
  • Lucknow Boy A Memoir by Vinod Mehta: Vinod Mehta is the editor for Outlook… he has had an eventful past… being fired as editor from 2-3 publications. The book is revealing and quite fair. I mean, for someone to admit that they got fired is courageous. He has also written about many other people- Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Shashi Tharoor etc. Worth a read.

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