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The IPL is helping me catch up on reading. There is nothing else to do at home. One TV has IPL and another one is acting up… actually, Airtel DTH is acting up and getting a response from the call center is a pain. I did brave it and placed a complaint. The engineer called me the next day and asked me to call his office. I refused to do so. How many nos am I supposed to call? I received 2 calls from executives asking me about my level of satisfaction for the service provided. I gave them the choicest abuses. Instead of sending another engineer, they have done nothing. Airtel sucks.

Coming back, I ordered part 2 of Hunger Games- Catching Fire from They delivered the very next day. I was dying to know what happens next… does Katniss go for Peeta or Gale? This book does not answer that since Katniss is confused. In this book, Katniss is sent to the games again with Peeta. A good read.

I was dying to read the third part but managed to restrain myself since I had to start on “The Other Side of Me”- Sidney Sheldon’s autobiography. I have grown up reading his books and loved each book. I love his writing style… he does not get into emotions and stopping abruptly lets the reader use his/her imagination. It also creates the maximum impact. For some reason, I expected him to write his biography differently. I was so wrong. When I started the book, it felt like a thriller written by me on someone else. I went back, googled to check whether it was his own biography. I had no idea he had a rough background… and had written screenplays in Hollywood. The only show I know written by me is “I dream of Jeanie” and it seemed a one time thing to me. It was nice to finally know about him. He has focused on his career and less on personal life. For example, he mentions his wife’s death in passing. Worth a read.

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