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Hellios… above is in queue on my reading list. I am on the 2nd part of Game of Thrones and there are many, many more to go. In between are Delhi OMG and Just Married Please Excuse. JMPE is written by a blogger whose blog I read. I have not yet added it to my blogroll. I don’t do that until I have read all of the previous posts. I am still doing that… slowly and steadily. You can just google her name and should come across her blog.
Anyway, just short reviews of few movies I have watched:

  • Farhad Shirin ki toh nikal padi: I don’t know why I brought up this movie over lunch today. I had no intention of watching it. KC showed some interest and we headed for it. We left before the end. I hate  going for a 1.5 hours movie and then it starts half an hour late… then there is a long interval…an entire waste of day. I have such a bad headache that I can’t sleep or read. The movie could have been unique and good but for the numerous songs- 1 intro song, 4 love songs, 1 parting songs… and more. And the songs are not even good. Farhan Khan has acted naturally… in the sense that her reactions in the movie are like a normal person’s in real life… no over the top overacting. Boman is always good… he can be over the top and full of drama without hamming. Avoid at all costs. Never again will I watch another movie without reading the reviews
  • Gangs of Wasseypur 2: I liked this movie… for some the whole revenge, murder, killing can become predictable but isn’t it always like that. How unpredictable can a revenge tale be? For some, even Godfather would have been predictable. Only treatment of such movies can be different. I wish there was a 3rd part. Even though the villain is subtle, he is the only one who kills Manoj Bajpai’s father, him and his sons (as he rightly boasts). He is a mean villain without seeming so. Editing could have been better… some scenes were too long and drawn out, specially the end. The addition of new characters- Definite and Perpendicular was good. And now, I see Biharis/Jharkhand wasis in a new light. Thank god, I was born in Gujarat
  • The Best Exotic  Marigold Hotel: I downloaded and watched it when KC was not around. I didn’t think he would like the movie. It is a good flick about a guy who runs a hotel for senior citizens in Jaipur called -The Marigold Hotel which has been restored from a palace. British retirees travel to stay there. They have different experiences and help each other. It is a good movie. Worth a watch.
On my movies list:
  • Hollywood Wives- The new generation: Bought this CD more than a year back.. have yet to open it
  • The Vagina Monologues
  • What’s eating Gilbert Grape?
  • The Iron Lady
  • Whistleblower
  • Carnage
  • Blue Valentine

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  1. jUST yesterday my husband mentione about Just married, please excuse. He has been following that blog for sometime. He urged me to do something on the same lines..:-)
    Do let me know how OMG DElhi is..

  2. Too few comments, your blog is getting unpopular these days. You need to visit blogs and comment on them to keep things going

  3. @ Anita: I will read it as soon as GOT is over…

    @ Anonymous: I am not in a rat race for comments, likes and hits. This blog is about me and for me…

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