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I have not written about books in quite sometime. My reading has slowed down a bit. I haven’t yet finished Midnight’s Children (its so damn boring) but I will… someday.


Revenge Wears Prada The Devil Returns

I loved the first book (who didn’t) and the movie just brought everything to life. Meryl Streep took Miranda’s character to another level. I was dying to get my hands on this book… found it on my phone/kindle last week and promptly paid for it. The books sucks. I cannot believe the same author has written it. The novel does not begin where it left off. In the 1st novel, Andrea returns to Elias-Clark building for a position in one of their other magazines. In the 2nd novel, she has a wedding website along with Emily. In 40% of the book she is whining about her in-laws, husband and then discovers she is pregnant. Tell me something… what would you do if you suspected your husband of having a fling with your ex? Would you confront him immediately or keep putting it off? What would you do if you found a letter from your mother in law to your husband asking him not to marry you (right before the wedding)? Would you take him aside and confront him or go through the wedding and put off talking about it? For me, the answers are obvious. Not in this novel. Andrea seems like a different person altogether. Where I left off (didn’t/couldn’t read the entire book) Elias-Clark was interested in buying off the wedding website. This would mean Andrea and Emily working for Miranda again for a year. Too little too late. Avoid!!!

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I came across this book a couple of times but avoided picking it up. I didn’t want to read the screenplay… I had watched the movie twice but when I flipped through it I realized it also has notes by Mira Nair on the movie. I picked up the book at the airport. It is very interesting. Apart from the screenplay, it has letters and notes maintained by Mira Nair throughout the movie. It chronicles her struggle to find finance for the movie. Wow!!! I didn’t know life is so tough for film makers. I also learned about the Salaam Balak Trust which educates street children. I am impressed. The movie stars is about street children and they star in the flick. Barry John conducted workshops for the movie. A must read if you liked the movie.

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