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Being alone in Gurgaon gave me a lot of time to catch up on reading and below are the book reviews:
  • Single in the City by Susmita Bose


The book is a collection of columns by Susmita. She used to write the columns on her single life in Delhi for HT. If you think her single life was all about fun, dating, sex… well, you will be disappointed. For some reason, Susmita steered cleared of these topics and mainly wrote about friends, Bengali food and family. I am surprised the columns were popular. I would never read them with my morning Bournvita. The title is completely misleading.
  • The Hindi Bindi club- Monica Pradhan


I have steered clear of this book for the longest time… it had been slated as “chick lit
” in my head… one of the cliches…
I was pleasantly surprised. The book is a cliche but well written. It is about 3 frien
ds in USA who have migrated from India. It describe
s the relationships with their family- daughters, husbands and among themselves. Good book except the end… which drags a lot. Worth a read.
  • Diary of the wimpy kid: The ugly Truth


The last in the series… as of yet. Everyone should read all the books. I will watch the movie soon.

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