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I know I am a little late on the ‘Vampire Diaries’ craze but I have read Twilight and watched the movie and did not want to indulge in similar stuff.

Vampire Diaries is sort of similar to Twilight except it is darker, the action is more dangerous and thrilling. It is everything that Twilight should have been. I wish I would have read it before twilight. By the end of the book, I was not willing to pick up part 2 but it ended at a exciting turn and now I will have to read the next one. Also, once I am done with 90210 I will start on the series.

2 of my FB friends had praised the book. I could not find it in Landmark and ordered it online at Amazing website… I received the delivery within 3 days… no hassles… no follow up required and it was at a discounted price. I have started ordering books online every month. They are cheaper and no shipping charges.
Anyway, I do not know who Anthony Bourdain is… I have never watched his shows so don’t ask me for his introduction. The book is about a cook, his real life experiences in the kitchen and they are unimaginable. We all think of chefs/cooks as creative, decent, respected people… but thats not how it is… even in 5 star kitchens.
Worth a read. I received the delivery for another book by him from the website.

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  1. Its a good read. You get to know the inner workings of the restaurant business. I enjoyed the no holds barred narration by Anthony Bourdain. To really know what he is capable of, you’d have to watch ” No Reservations” on T&L or bbc

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