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People… I have an announcement which will make you want to kill me, like always, but then you will remember I can run long distances and you can’t so you will give up the chase.

I will be posting all my running related posts on this new blog in addition to the current blog. Please read the whole thing before judging me. I do not have blog-mania… or maybe I do. If you read this blog, you can ignore this announcement. I wanted to keep all my running posts in a separate area. I could have tagged them but that would mean searching for them. Also, people who would like to read those posts now just have to go the running blog and read them. Additionally, I can promote that blog and get new readers because THIS blog has a lot of personal stuff and am careful about keeping it away from work people, family etc.

If you are a new runner, do read it. I was going through my old posts and realised it has been 1 year since I ran my first half marathon. It has been quite a journey and changed my life.

And since I believe that once you have an original name, you should fuck with it every way you can- the blog is called Boogerworm on the Run or



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