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Twitter had a field day with Sonam Kapoor yesterday. Ok, fine. By twitter, I mean me. This is how it started:

Sonam Kapoor ‏@sonamakapoor 

Sonam Kapoor retweeted Firstpost

Our country is going to remain a 3rd world nation because of the intolerant misogynistic close minded few.

This was in response to the meat ban. Yep, madam thinks meat ban is misogynistic. Wait, it gets better. She, then, went on to reply to every troll and had this complaint:

And the saddest thing about this whole thing is.. That it’s mostly women who are calling me out on being bimbo. Guess it’s not only the men!

Suddenly, a stupidity issue became about misogyny. Because as women, we are not allowed to call other women stupid. Because women are supposed to be pretty, polite and all things nice.

The reality is that no matter which celeb it was- Chetan Bhagat or Barkha Dutt or Arvind Kejriwal or Sagarika Gosh or Rajdeep Sardesai- he/she would have been trolled for calling a meat ban misogynistic. Simple. But Madam Low IQ made it out to be about misogyny. It makes me think she learned the usage of this word yesterday and decided to have some fun on twitter.

It just doesn’t end there.

Well I guess it’s back to talking about fashion and brands.. Lol

We didn’t ask her to talk about fashion and brands, that is who she has positioned herself to be. And it works for her. Nobody remembers her movies, people remember her clothes because that was the image she set out to make for herself.

And it keeps getting better.

well apparently my opinion and IQ is also equivalent to my bra size..

Frankly, I don’t know what came first- the bust jokes or this tweet. But considering it is Sonam we are talking about- it is probably this tweet. The lady started jokes about her own bust and then she cried misogyny.

All the celebs- Barkha Dutt, Chetan Bhagat, Omar Abdullah, Gul Panag; cried themselves hoarse trying to defend her. Their defence –

And we wonder why Bollywood stars don’t take positions on issues that matter! We tear them down for having opinions.

Last time it was expressing his opinion on hanging. Now it’s on . Trolling in the deep.

Which means- Yaar, ek toh we finally bother to tweet about current news and then you guys do this. Matlab, what is the point of reading the newspaper once in a while? We also want to seem smart sometimes.

Here is some advice for celebs. I know you are not reading this but…

You cannot have it all. You cannot have millions of followers, all the money in the world, all the people pretending to like/love you, sooooo many friends AND have people who will ignore your stupidity on social media. You can have everything BUT that.

This is how you decide if twitter is the thing for you:

  1. You like your privacy and don’t like interacting with riff raff – Avoid twitter
  2. You want to interact with fans but don’t want to interact with them- Join twitter, get your PR agency to manage it
  3. You have an opinion and like to express it but cannot deal with the consequences- Join twitter, get a PR agency to manage it
  4. You have an opinion, like to express it and don’t care who says what – Join twitter and manage your own account

Would twitter have been kind to Chetan Bhagat if he had called the meat ban misogynistic? No ways. He would have had it much worse. And he wouldn’t cry about it because he is a man. He would take it in his stride. But our lady decided to make it a “woman” issue. She got trolled because she is a woman. Not true. Stupidity has nothing to do with gender.

And how can Sonam Kapoor even accuse anyone of misogyny. What has been her contribution to the mindset? Let’s see. In every movie, she plays a bimbo. In the last movie I had the misfortune of watching – Khoobsurat, she and Fawad Khan would make out everytime she was drunk. If she really cared about misogyny she would have asked the director to probably change that bit. So, please- if you have not stood up to misogyny when it really mattered or when your pay cheque was at stake, stop crying about it on twitter.

We think you are stupid because you portray yourself as such in your movies. Does anyone call Vidya Balan stupid? Nope. There is a reason. She works in intelligent movies. Maybe, change that first? By the way, the beauty brands don’t pay you fat money for your intelligence. Let us be clear about that.

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