Body Pump Module – First step into the world of fitness professionally?

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I registered for the body pump module yesterday and now am wondering if I have taken up too much. What kind of a crazy person flies to Bangalore on a Friday night, travels 2 hours to a friend’s place (all my regulars are busy next weekend or out of town and I have literally forced my company on someone), travels 2 hours to the gym on Saturday morning, spends 8 am to 6 pm training/presenting/learning, travels 2 hours back to mentioned friend’s place, repeats the same on Sunday and reaches office on Monday morning from Bangalore? Like A, a body pump trainer, told me last night, “You won’t be able to walk after the 2 days. It is that intense”.

This is how it works:

  • You pay for the module (after they have minimum 6 confirmations which is why I had to pay only a week in advance instead of 15-21 days)
  • You receive a kit with manual, forms, videos, choreography and allotted tracks. Received them this morning.
  • Every body pump class lasts 55 minutes and has 10 tracks which cover all the body muscles. Every participant is allotted 2 tracks – they have to present one track during the training and the 2nd track has to be shadowed (a trainer will perform and you have to imitate).
  • This is done at the end of day 1, after which you are given feedback. You work on the feedback after class and present again at the beginning of day 2. You are given more feedback and you present the track again at the end of day 2. You will either be accorded “Pass” or “Withheld” or “Try again next time” basis this final presentation.
  • “Pass” means you have to shadow a trainer at your gym for 4 classes, after which they will let you take classes independently. You have to shoot a video of the class you are taking and send it to Les Milles. If they are satisfied, you get the certification and can train at any Les Milles certified gym.
  • “Withheld” means you have 4 weeks to send a video of your tracks and then you get a go ahead for shadowing.
  • “Try again next time” means you can do all the above steps again.

Right now am freaking out. Sure, I have attended lots of body pump classes but never paid attention to the choreography or music. Les Milles workouts are all about the choreography and technique (mainly). The latter is not a problem, but am worried about the former. I just need to prepare 2 tracks of 4 minutes each but I have to train a class. I need to know them perfectly and be able to give the right cues, use the right tone etc etc. I wish I had more time. This week is kind of busy. KC is here so I may or may not go to the gym till Wednesday. I need one whole day to sit and do this which I don’t have right now.

I am using every spare minute to read the booklet and have gone through the track video twice. Here is what am going to do next (lists help me sort out my priorities. I don’t know anything without a list):

  • Save everything on the phone – booklets, choreography write up, music, videos
  • Break it down into parts and perfect each part. So 4 minutes of biceps workout may be broken into 24 parts of 10 seconds each. Practise each part with music no words, only words no music, no music no words. Practise the whole thing till I can do it perfectly any time of the day or night.
  • Do the same for the lunges workout
  • Attend a body pump class this week and ask the trainer to check my form and technique
  • Shoot a video performing both tracks and see where it needs to be improved
  • Go through other 8 tracks as well because I have to know them this well soon enough

Once am done with above, I will be happy with the effort I have put in. Even if I don’t get a “Pass”, I will know body pump in and out and understand it better. The knowledge I get in the 2 days is irreversible and will help me in my fitness journey. There is no downside to this. It is a win win irrespective of the final result. In case, I don’t get a “Pass” or a “Withheld”, if you are in Bangalore, let’s catch up for a hot chocolate and conversation- am going to need it desperately.

I don’t know if I will attend the course again or not if the result is not a “Pass”. I haven’t thought that far ahead. And yes, the thought of standing in front of a class full of students and taking the class freaks me out. But am hoping my passions for fitness comes through and gives me the confidence and the energy that a great trainer needs to have.

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