Blood stained panties 

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I have been very busy and had no time to blog. There are so many posts in my head that I need to type out.

I am laid up in bed instead of hitting the most awaited body pump class. It is my first day of periods and normally they don’t bother me but today has been horrible. I have been uncomfortable all day and running to the loo. A colleague came to the cabin to ask for advice on which part time MBA course he should join and all I could focus on were my blood stained panties. I had to visit the loo thrice in a row during lunch break because the 1st time I realised my panties are stained and I need to change the tampon, I rushed to the loo for the 2nd time and then I wondered if there are any stains on my outer clothes and went to the loo again to check. All this, while am rushing to finish work and meet appraisal deadlines. 

While this is a one off incident for me and my periods are mostly mild, for a lot of women this happens 1-3 days every month. And no, they can’t take leave for 1-3 days every month no matter how painful the periods are. Imagine the jokes on Twitter by non feminist men if women started getting leave because of their menstrual cycle. Bleeding for 3-5 24/7 is not a big deal, really. 

Ciao. I need to rest and hope things are less intense tomorrow. If this post grosses you out, you are probably a man. 

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