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Hiya… My Lenovo laptop has gone for repairs. There was some problem with the LCD screen. It has been almost 2 weeks. This is how it went:

  • Laptop was given. The engineer told me it was a hardware problem, they would have to order some parts, installation will take 1 day and I can take the laptop after a week
  • After a week they told me part has arrived and by evening laptop will be ready
  • In the evening they told me the part was “incompatible” or “doa- dead on arrival”. They will re-order and follow the entire procedure

As a logical human being I asked questions like:

  • How can the company send “incompatible part”… were they not given the model no?
  • How can I be sure they will send the correct part next time?
  • How much time will it take?

But then again… who am I to question the mighty MNC company? Just a customer??? Someone looking for service?

I have been calling their customer care… they make me wait for 20 mins… and then someone says I have called the “pre-sales” department… and I need to contact “post-sales”. Bloody m***** f*****… I am in sales but have never heard of such ridiculous terms.

Everything is bloody blocked on the official laptop… it is for “official purposes” only. It gives me a reason to shut it down at 6 pm and forget about it.

So people… I might be gone for sometime… blogging through KC’s laptop or official laptop just doesn’t feel the same.

Remind me not to buy a Lenovo laptop again.


5 thoughts on “Blogging…

  1. @Mysterio: What a paltoo… you had supported my decision of buying a Lenovo laptop.
    And lets change that comment to “YOU will buy me an Apple or MAC”

    @ Howard: I do have a life… but some parts are missing

    @ Sandeep: Next time it is Apple or Dell

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