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I don’t have anything to write but since I plan to start writing everyday, (not necessarily in this space) from Sunday, warming up is a good idea.

Something weird is going on. I have been waking up between 3-5 am in Gurgaon. It happened last night and on my previous visit last month. I was reading online about it and am either depressed or suicidal or need to listen to my “calling” or it is just normal. I can’t wait to find which. But all the articles recommend that I make it productive instead of turning and twisting in bed with my thoughts. Say no more, internet. I am on it.

It is amazing how fast we move on. Move cities and it is like the past is irrelevant. Like it didn’t even exist. Right now I can’t believe I was in Mumbai for almost 2 years. I feel like I was never even gone. So much for all the emotional drama in the last few weeks.

Ciao. Need to sleep now so I feel refreshed at 4 am.

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