Black Swan

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I was planning to watch Saat Khoon Maaf but then decided to do it over the weekend… there will be ample time.

I had read amazing review for this movie and downloaded it last weekend. The plan was to watch it tonight since KC is not coming home.
Well, scary movie… and not to be watched when alone at home. The story is about ballet dancers… the obsession to be perfect which leads one of them to become crazy and do insane things. She is to perform in a play and actually becomes the evil character.
It is an ok watch. I expected it to be about ballet, dance and all things happy…so was taken aback by the scary scenes.
The good part are the sex scenes… very bold. I guess they will get chopped off in the theatre.
It was a pleasure to watch Mila Kunis (‘Jackie’ from ‘The 70s show’)… she is so pretty.

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