Black Mirror has me freaked out

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I would like to binge watch it all night but need to get some sleep.

BM has me freaked out. It isn’t so much about the connection with my smartphone or how am glued to it. It is a matter of 1 week’s detox to break that cycle. The problem how my daily interactions with people are over the phone. At work, I speak to my team over the phone. Sure, there is some interaction with the rest of the staff because that is unavoidable. And yes, there are people I meet at the gym. Maybe some friends I see over the weekend.

But rest of the time, am interacting with people on social media. I know so much about some of the people I follow and vice versa. While am excited to meet up with some of them this weekend, I know none of my social media friends will be serious contenders as real life friends. Unless, we meet up enough number of times in person. Let’s face it, we all have a different personality online. That is the charm of it. You can connect with people over one aspect and ignore the other. For example, if am friends with someone because we have running in common, I don’t know about their personal life or what they do or anything else about them. If I meet them in real life, these other things may come into the picture.

Then again, what is wrong with a phone? If the small screen can give you access to everything you could ever need or want, what is wrong with that? It is a different way of life with it’s own set of problems.


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