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Hiya… sorry for not writing.. I was actually busy… busy waiting for things to come through…

So, here is the big news… I moving back to Gurgaon next month. Yippie!!!

I have decided to pursue an opportunity outside my current organization… one of those hard calls we all have to take. It is so difficult to make these decisions… what is right… where to draw the line… how long to wait… when to quit… and when do you decide to stay.

I have made this decision keeping the long term in mind.

How do I describe the last few months? Professionally, they have been good. I have received a lot of appreciation. I was a little afraid that I would not be good at the role but that has worked out well. Personally, it has been very challenging… I have done things I never imagined… shifted 2 houses… one of them, all on my own…. travelled in local trains daily without complaining… lived in the remote suburbs without getting bored.

I have missed… open spaces, clean air, large roads, good food and most of all, KC.

I think this separation has been an important one for KC and me. We truly appreciate our partner when away. He has grown a lot more responsible… and I have become more mellow.

Life is coming a full circle.

My most important lesson- it is not the destination that matters but the journey… the experiences gained along the way… the people met… friends made… and growing up.

Wish me luck!!!

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