Big News… Life comes a full circle

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Hi. So, I have meaning to make this announcement for quite sometime now. I had to use all my willpower to keep my mouth/fingers shut.

KC and me (or should it be ‘I’) are relocating to Gurgaon. Yes… Yes… I know… I know. People who know and have read my previous blog will wonder if this is the correct decision. I did have a miserable time last time I was there. But… if this is what it takes for KC and me to be together, we are willing to do it.
At one end we are excited… our married life can start finally… we will actually be living together on the marriage anniversary… at the other end… we do wonder how we will manage. I mean… together everyday… me- all organized and time tablish… and him- lazy and disorganized. Now is the real test of the relationship. We can stay apart… but can we stay together?
As for Gurgaon itself, I guess I will survive. It is not the location which matters but people around me. Thankfully, Abhinav and Katty are in Delhi NCR. So is Tanuj.
Below are things I want to do after moving there:
  • Join Jazz classes on weekdays
  • Join Salsa with KC on Sundays
  • Join swimming everyday
  • Join a cooking class when time permits
And we plan to stay in a 2 bhk… sigh, what a relief. Since we do not expect visitors the 2nd room will be a study cum PS2 room.
Ciao…with happy thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Big News… Life comes a full circle

  1. Arrey wah! Congrats!!! Living together is a huge test.. or so I also think.

    But things meld in and then you can’t do without each other’s vices too.


    Your Valentine cake and the mousse look delish.

    Sending you mc n cheese recipe right away.

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