Between the Assassinations

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This is the 2nd book by Aravind Adiga after ‘White Tiger’. Adiga has tried to create another Malgudi Days and failed miserably. Malgudi is a class apart… and BTA is apart from class. The book is a collection of short stories based in the town Kittur. I didn’t understand that they were short stories till I was half way. The forward or summary on back of book does not mention it.
The stories are not extra ordinary and don’t have a message… I didn’t get anything out of it… they didn’t make me think or feel or anything…

Why??? God, why??? Why are most authors one hit wonders??? I had high expectations from Adiga.

Will I never read anything like Gone with the wind, Fountainhead (Atlas Shrugged was almost similar), The bridge across forever, Shantaram, The devil wears Prada etc.

The only authors who have managed to give hits pe hits and keep me hooked is J.K Rowling with her Harry Potter series and Sophie Kinsella with her Shopholics series.

So many talented writers and yet there is a lack of good books.

Any recommendations???

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  1. Try R. K. Narayan. Bachelor of Arts is my personal favourite. A coupla anurag mathur novels are very good, unless you have read them all.

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