Best lines I have heard from regular people

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1 :

Her – Let us watch ‘Kapoor and Sons’

Him – I smoke a lot so going to get cancer soon. Then, I will have a stroke which will turn me into a vegetable. And then, you can take me to any movie you want to. Until then “No”.

My favourite sarcastic person. Someday, I am going to reach his level. Someday

2 :

Him – I just want to get lost for 7 days

I echo the sentiment. Refers to a discussion on a solo hiking trip in North East without a phone

3 :

Until someday when you had a good day at work, a nice evening and still at the end of the day you feel depressed. Like something is missing. Its like when you taste a familiar dish with a missing ingredient and you try to guess what is missing.

From a friend’s blog

I just came across this on the friend’s blog from 2009:

“And the third of another lady who is a brutally honest and straight forward person in the FMCG industry in India”

And the third has a style so brutally honest that it shocks me. And it is a good feeling to be brought down to earth, even if its with a thud. It has its dreamy side, but you have to read between the lines for that. I admire the fact that the thoughts of the person can come across so clearly, and even if sometimes I cannot identify with the thoughts I can feel them. And that is the beauty of the blog.”

I have lost my train of thought after reading this because it is about me and my blog.


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