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I hope I spelt it correct. The trip was damn good. On Saturday I visited the salon and rushed to the airport. My flight was from the new terminal. I was thirsty and hungry but guess what… none of the 5-6 outlets had bottled water. There were taps around but no glasses. Anyone know taps for drinking water in USA… where you have to place your mouth above the tap and open it? The water flows into your mouth… well, they were definitely there. I do not understand the logic… after all, 90% people using the domestic airport are Indians and would we drink water like that??? Never!!!

Anyway, KC picked me up and we headed to his guesthouse in Ulsoor. I had asked him; “Is it cold in B’glore?” and he said; “No”.
Me: Will I feel cold there?
Him: It is neither cold nor hot. It is pleasant.
I decided to carry my stole anyway… since I am more sensitive to cold climate.
We walked around 1 km to the guesthouse. The plan was to meet Dhruv for dinner at Spiga.
Spiga is a nice lounge in the Crossword building on MG road. It is a rooftop restaurant with lots of lights. I loved it. There are not many options in food but I liked my red thai curry and chicken satay. Dhruv booked us for dinner on all days thereafter.
On day 2 we met RT, Appu and Arjun for lunch at Hotel Richmond on Richmond road. I had my fill of sambhar rice. After watching Khelein Jee Jaan se we headed to Mainland China for dinner with Dhruv. The night ended with chocolate fudge at Corner House. KC and I walked in the winter hand in hand. What a night!!!
I was in no mood to socialise on day 3 and cancelled plans. We had lunch at Ente Keralam (don’t remember the exact name) near Manipal Center. The food was superb… appam, chicken curry and chicken briyani. They served us coconut water in actual coconuts. It was also reasonably priced. Yum!!! After spending a few hours at Forum we watched Social Network and ended the day with dinner at Nagarjuna on M G road.
KC was working on day 4 and I met Sinha and Sahana at Barista in Leela Palace. Time flew as they shared details of their life in Sweden. I got many many many stares and looks while waiting for them to pick me up at Manipal Center. After lunch at Nandhini I headed back to wait for KC. The flight was at night… I wanted to spend 2-3 hours with KC even though that would mean reaching home after midnight.
It was a good trip and here are my thoughts:
  • I miss winters…. B’glore winter was so good.
  • I loved walking in B’glore… there is space to walk… unlike in Mumbai… where we have to walk on the roads and jostle for space among vehicles
  • B’glore has many rooftop pubs/restaurants due to the awesome weather… Mumbai lacks those
  • I love South Indian food… and finally I managed to have a meal at Nandini
  • I bought KC a new perfume to replace the one I broke
I am feeling extremely tired today… managed to finish a lot of chores- unpack, wash clothes, grocery shopping, tailor etc
I was afraid of travelling alone at midnight but there was enough traffic and police on the road. The biggest advantage of Mumbai- safety.

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