Being Cyrus

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I have wanted to watch this one for a long, long, long time since its release 4-5 years back.

I think it is the only art movie starring Saif. I wish he would have picked well.
Nasseruddin Shah and Dimple Kapadia are a married Parsi couple staying in Panchgani. Saif comes to their house to learn pottery from Nasseer and befriends them. Nasseer’s brother is Boman married to a much younger Simone Singh staying in Mumbai. Their father lives alone in a dingy flat. Saif kills the father and Boman. He frames Nasseer and Dimple for the crime. They are unable to prove his existence.
The suspense is that he is Simone’s brother and was trying to help her escape the tyrant Boman. Of course, Boman had a lot of money hidden everywhere and they become rich. But Simone is not satisfied. She starts looking for her next target. Ultimately, Saif leaves home.

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