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Hiya… I have been gone too long. The traveling was hectic last 2 days. I arrived at 11 pm last night. I traveled for 10.5 hrs, just to sort out one issue. I hope the matter is closed now. I didn’t have any hopes of getting dinner since the kitchen maybe closed. As soon as I entered my room the waiter asked me if I had dinner. I said “No” and ordered some food. He promptly brought it and I was touched. Such concern at the end of a tiring and thankless day is greatly appreciated.

I hate HR!!!! I think things would work very smoothly in any organization without this function. Sometimes I remember the HR students in TAPMI. The thought that some of them could be handling important tasks like appraisal and payroll in some organization sends shivers down my spine… my sympathies to those employees.
HR is all about talking well and looking good. Brawns over brains.

On the bus yesterday they were playing ‘Gulaal’. In between the CD got stuck. Nobody got off their seats to inform the guy and get the CD going. 5 mins passed… I waited… 10 mins passed… nobody uttered a word… 15 mins passed… I thought I would have to take initiative… 20 mins passed… finally someone got up and got it fixed. On this particular travels, the AC is on at full blast even in winter mornings. People will shiver in their seats but nobody asks that it be lowered. The volume of music will give them a headache but they will tolerate it patiently. Why???
It reminds me of my college days… the females never ate alone, never walked alone from one building to another, never went to the loo alone. Someone was always taken along. It is some kind of crowd mentality… people want to blend in the crowd and not be noticed.

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  1. Believe me or faint, always there are wayward lunatics on such buses. Of the two teams for and against AC at full blast, the AC-desperate are more intollerant, illogical and blood-thirsty. As though they have got a super critical nuclear power plant within their bodies. With no space for brains in their skulls, obviously the plant is located further south of their torsos.

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