Been busy and happy

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Hiya. Life has been extremely busy. We wake up at 6.30 am for 3 reasons:

  • I have asked the maid to come early… in addition to normal cleaning she has to do dusting which frees up some of my weekend time
  • KC has to reach work at 68.30 am
  • Our bedroom faces east and the sunrays fall on us early morning. There is no option but to wake up
We have been coming home slightly late because of other chores after work. Things should lighten up next week. Thankfully, Tuesday is a holiday.
This post is going to be about the broker of our landlord- the lady who gave us our first experience of the ‘Gurgaon Hospitality’ (as KC calls it).
When I first met her, she came in a chauffeur driven car and I assumed she is the landlady. She promised to get the power backup connected, plugs fixed, geyser connected and give us extra curtains for the huge windows. I was happy. When KC met her she was sweet and said; “I am giving you the flat at such low rent and deposit ‘coz I feel a connection with you”. I should have smelled the fish then and there. On reaching Gurgaon, we went to her house to collect the keys. She lives in a posh colony and her hubby is a respected man in real estate. She was prompt enough to give the curtains. The best part was her hug (no kidding) and the words; “You are so fair”. They died on her lips after looking at KC’s dark visage.
Of course, everything in the flat was wrong… no power backup, plugs not fixed, geyser not working, flat not cleaned. But, we still had the most important thing- the curtains. Btw, they have not been put up.
After the fight on that day I have not spoken to her. She is what I call “meethi churi” (sweet knife). It describes most people here. They are damn sweet but always have an agenda.
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