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It was my 31st b’day yesterday and KC’s was 4 days earlier. He keeps cribbing about growing older while I am surprisingly optimistic. Every age has its charm…

At 18… it is all about infatuation… crushes… first love… losing your virginity… entering college- the place with freedom and fun… dating… friends…

At 22… it is about graduating… making important decisions- job or further studies… moving out of the comfort zone for the first time… going out into the world to discover who you actually are… becoming serious about love and relationships… they are not child’s play anymore

At 24… it is about getting a job… earning the first pay cheque… resisting marriage attempts from parents… becoming more and more serious about love and relationships… thinking more and more about the future… and being able to spend and splurge for the first time

At 30/31, I know who I am… what I want from life… how I am going to get it… have a life partner who thankfully is also my soul mate… am financially stable with some assets and a few liabilities… I know how much crap I am willing to take in my job and what are the boundaries… I have never been fittest and had more energy… I have so many goals and there are so many others I have achieved… I have fewer friends- only those who have stood by me and those I have stood by… and there are friends I am re-connecting with due to common interests… Many of my colleagues have become friends and will be there if I ever need them… and then there are those I can always connect with out of the blue… losing family has meant that I know everyone is dispensable… and if I can survive this… I can survive anything.

31 is the new …. 31. It need not be any other age. I feel more than fine at 31.


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  1. I admire how you have the strength to let go of a family that is not accepting of your perfectly sensible decisions. It takes strength, a kind of strength that not many people have.

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