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Thats KC’s b’day pastry. Its b’day week… KC’s on 7th and mine is today. We didn’t do much on his b’day ‘coz it was a weekday. I had planned to bake some b’day muffins on 6th night and cut them at midnight. The b’day gift- a new laptop bag was supposed to be purchased on Sunday but KC didn’t like anything in the Samsonite factory outlet. He wanted a Victoria Knox bag. While working on Monday I came across the outlet in Ambience Mall. The prices shook me but I took KC in the evening. He didn’t like them either and we headed to Lifestyle… His Highness did not like anything there either… so, we went to Metropolitan Mall where he finally bought jeans and I pushed him to buy a laptop bag. We arrived home at 9 pm. I was too tired to bake anything after that but did buy pastries the next evening after work for both of us.
B’days have always been special for me… they have always been celebrated… not necessarily with a party but atleast distribution of sweets. If I was home, Mom would bake a cake and make yummy food. Most of the times, I was in school since we had winter break instead of in summer. I started working on 7th June’07. On 11th June I was in B’glore working in the market in the heat… the sales officer did not let me off early even though it was my b’day. I fell sick in the evening and could not even receive calls. It was a very forgettable b’day. After that, I am on leave on this date every year. Thankfully, a lot of times it falls on Saturday which makes it convenient for a leave. I wonder if KC will also take leave on a weekday. Staying home alone will be no fun.
The week has been busy but I managed to find time for the gym. I also attempted a mango pudding- the pictures and recipe will be put up tonight. We had been chasing carpenters for 2 weeks… our regular guy was away and will come back next week. The guard gave me another guy’s no which was unreachable… he gave a 2nd contact who was actually a press guy who gave us the contact no of another carpenter. This guy finally turned up. The fat broker of the owner was also a pain in the ass… she had not paid the electricity bill of 8k. We were shocked when we received the bill. Our broker was contacted and screamed at… he then made her pay the dues.
But the most important incident of the week was in metro… 6 out of 10 times there are men travelling in the women’s compartment. I have been keeping my mouth shut the last 2 months… none of the Delhi women speak up and shoo them away. This is most surprising. I have been reading in the papers how you call guards if such incidents happen… have not ever seen anyone do it. Yesterday I was changed trains at Rajiv Chowk to go to Uttam Nagar which is on the way to Dwarka. Men got off the women’s compartment… and there were no guards to catch them. When we entered there were around 10-15 men in the compartment. 2-3 of the women spoke up and asked them to move back. Some did, others didn’t but definitely not out of the compartment. I was pissed… really, really pissed… the guys were making fun of us calling us ‘Sonia Gandhi’. I lost it… pressed the emergency button and complained. Nobody came for next 2 stations and I lost all hope… thinking this is what law and order situation is like. On the 3rd station, 2 guards and 1 lady came with a gun and walkie talkie. They pushed the men back but did not fine them (wonder why). The men did not dare move an inch after that.
If there is any Delhi women reading this- please tell me why are you so complacent and do not stand up for your rights?
In Mumbai, the women would have thrown all these men out of the train. What stops you from doing so? There are security measures to protect you but you don’t take advantage of them? Why?
I was scared… I wouldn’t be surprised if someone would have stabbed me there and then. I read those sort of news in the papers everyday- random killings but someone has to stop it…

3 thoughts on “B’day bumps

  1. 1. WOnderful birthday wishes to both of you. Two geminis ina house… wonder how that works out. Tellme about it sometime 🙂

    2. The train incident,though I had already read it on your FBwall, reading it again over here,makes me feel you one courageous girl. GOod job done!!

    3. hope your carpenter issues are already solved

  2. @ KC: Thats what you are saying here but you think otherwise

    @ Anita: Well, I don’t generally get along with Geminis… but I am discovering the Gemini traits in KC now. Thanks… carpenter issues over and done with.

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