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It was KC’s b’day on Monday and this time I decided to gift him something good instead of the usual PS2 game CDs. He had been ogling shoes from Puma and I bought them.

I have a strange connection with gifts… I am more excited about the gift than the receiver. Everytime I buy the gift, get KC curious about it and then surprise him. The worst part is when he buys me something and I don’t let him keep it a secret.
Anyway, I hadn’t planned anything special for bud’day… his friends and I had surprised him at midnight last year and it seemed predictable this year. On Sunday I took him to Powai lake which is soooo dirty. Govt is spending crores on placing fountains around it… how about cleaning it instead. There were couples all around making out… the thought of watching tongue on tongue action was not too appealing and we headed to Mainland China for dinner. I miss Gurgaon’s outlet… they had an awesome buffet.
We planned to finish house agreement renewal on Monday morning but it got postponed to Tues night. For some reason the landlord was being very chatty and snobbish. Well, well, I have seen worse.
KC was kinda down on Monday and I took him for a drive to Palm Beach road in the rains… I was hoping it would slow down a little so we can hang out at the lake… but that was not to be. We headed to mini sea shore where they have paddle boats… I was excited. We went paddling and it started to rain. It was kinda funny… Dinner was at his parents… and after meeting friends at night we headed home. It was a good and chill day.
The nightmare started today morning. KC and I got into the lift at 4.30 am… it was going up and we wanted to go down. I asked him to get out but he wouldn’t listen… finally, we were both inside and the lift closed and stopped moving. It was a nightmare… KC’s flight was at 6 am. Last time this happened the liftman had pulled up the doors… I tried the same thing (without KC’s help) and we took the stairs. On dropping him off I noticed a puncture… I didn’t say anything so he wouldn’t worry. It was raining hard… I stopped at the nearest petrol pump but there was no mechanic to change the tire. I begged the guys there to help. Very reluctantly they changed the tire but as luck would have it… the other tire was punctured too (I got the tube changed last week… I am sharpening my knife to murder the garage guy). Finally, I got enough air filled in the tyre and reached home before it give way.
Sigh!!! I remembered last night I am going to B’glore tomorrow to celebrate my b’day.. don’t want to be alone in Mumbai on that day.
Wish KC could be there too… but sometimes it just the thought that matters.

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